Inspiration # 1

I came across this video with my recent searching. I’ve probably watched it ten times within the last few weeks. I have no judgement… just simple understanding.

So many pieces of this story hit me pretty hard and were relatable. I too am successful and driven at my job. I’m respected within the job setting and outside of it. I too have nice things and a beautiful family.

I too am letting myself and my family down…. Elizabeth says, “I would do anything for my kids, but I couldn’t stop drinking for them”…

My husband has confronted me many times within the last year or two (and more) about my habits and choices and I haven’t been able to stop because of his concerns, disappointments, fears, and threats of divorce. How sad. Why?

January 2019 my husband pulled my dad into the situation and my dad had a long, stern, concerned talk with me. Did this slow me down? Yes. Did this stop me from having many, MANY blackout night after that… No.

Why? I love my dad. I love my husband. I ..sort of… love myself. Why? Why? Why?

Does this answer my question? If Elizabeth is admittedly an addict and I can relate to really all of her story, then I too am.

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