Inspiration #4

I found another Canadian!

I have gotten to the part in Jean’s Blog – Unpickled – that she is at 2 years. I wanted to find someone that was closer to my timeframe again and I found Lose ‘da Booze:

Already I’m back “with a friend” at the beginning of the journey.

I thought I could do moderation, but I tried that and whenever I’d have that first drink – it was too much because I didn’t want to stop.” – Yup!

Moderation is not an option for me right now – that I know for a fact. And so, I have to learn to just let it go and not think too far ahead but baby steps. Right now it’s easy – the wolfie is not crying out. I had to laugh because we probably all have our nick names for that voice inside our heads that tell us “go ahead – you’ve been good” or enough of this shit – I’ve been busting my ass all week and I deserve a good night ‘off’.” – I again last night (after several nights without) had a, “Lets have a nightcap” moment. Mind you I was walking in the door after a 15.5 hour day. The night caps I used to have after these days were several pulls out of a booze bottle to get that warm feeling in my belly and pretend it helped me sleep.

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