Next Steps…

How does drinking (and not drinking) affect my emotions? All I’ve been hearing – and doing – using alcohol to mask emotions – good, bad, and everything!

I heard a man speak that said he had a physical age of 24 and an emotional age of 16. This hits home. What’s my emotional age? I’m great and successful at work. I’m stressed and out of control at home.

  • I do not know how to process my emotions.
  • I know that I just have shut them all down for years now.
  • I know I let everyone’s crap get to me (buzz word: Empath)
  • I know I take on too much and stress myself out (though there is a lot being piled on me – feeling like I don’t have much of a say)

“Alcohol wasn’t my problem, it was my solution”

  • Time to find new solutions
  • Time to figure out how to have feelings.

I feel like by not writing in a while I cannot answer some of this. I will analyze when I hear the bratty voice and think about steps I am taking to shush her.

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