When I uploaded an app to track my spending it asked me some simple questions:

*Quitting Day: 12/15/2019

*Money Spent Weekly: $50

*Drinks per week?: 20

As I enter day 129 of being sober my app tells me:

*Money Saved So Far: $915

*Drinks Passed So Far: 366 Drinks

Sometimes I wonder if 20 drinks/week is even fair. Since I often pulled directly from whatever bottle we had at home… So I know I did not have a fair reality on how much I was drinking… I could walk in the door and <guesstimate> take 3 shots. Some days I could make it the whole day without drinking. Thinking about going out…. How much would I pre-game? And then drink out..?

Since I’m about a third of the way through the year, I’ll be at about:

*Money Saved In The Year: Approx. $ 2,745

*Drinks Passed In The Year: Approx. 1,098

The money savings might not quite be there with my replacement of Kumbacha at about $4/drink — but on average I’m not even drinking one/day. Also my husband is still drinking so there is alcohol within our household grocery budget. He also has a “local watering hole”.

I’d guess my drinks passed could be much greater. The more I think about it…. it could be closer to 30/week…? Plus holidays, parties, etc. We could be looking at 1,700 or higher.

Financial cost… Savings! …. Bodily cost… Savings!

Emotional cost… Savings!

When you drink too much and are reminded what you did the next day ...

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