Lifetime Regained

My Sober App says I have now gained 5 more days to my lifetime by quitting drinking.

The App says within 1-3 months (I have hit this time-frame) your grey matter and neurons are on the mend and your mental clarity should be better! Some days I would totally agree with this! My first month I was having really vivid dreams, having a ton of weird (old and/or random memories) come up, and some deja vu. Now… I feel “normal” not good, not bad.

The App says after 4 months quitting should see a “great deal of fat loss”. I will say the scale says consistently 10 pounds down. Buuuut I would say visually I look the same. I will say my fitness level is the same, so 10 pounds off the scale is something for not having an increase. I do not believe I have replaced the 1,000 + calories estimated from the calculators from Curiosity Killed the Cat post. That many calories every day? No. But I’d say several times a week.

The App says I need to make it 7 months to have my liver ‘back to normal’ and need to make it 2 years to reduce my heart risks.

The reason I checked this out today is because I have been waking up feeling so awful. I have been off my normal eating schedule with the ‘stay at home’ order – not grazing as much as all the social media memes – more days not eating. So I wonder if my bood sugar is so low in the AM, making me feel yucky. I have been able to get more sleep. On average before COVID I would get 6 hours of sleep each night during the week. Now I am consistently hitting the 8 hours – recommended… It makes no sense! I should feel great!

I do have to remind myself of all the days getting up … feeling so, so, so dizzy… so sick… throwing up while getting ready for the day… throwing up during the day… on the weekends having a drink to stop all the pains I got myself into due to the drinking the night before.

But it would be nice to feel nice! What else do I need to do?

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