Conspiracy & Sobriety

Here is an interesting video a friend shared with us:

Currently it is hard to know what to believe, who to trust…

Is the government telling us the truth?, the media? … Is it truly safer at home?

I can tell you the orders are driving me bonkers. I am certainly more of a homebody, but now every time I leave the house I feel guilty. I do not enjoy that feeling. I feel guilty that people are being forced to work outside of their homes and I am part of the reason for that. I feel guilty for breathing in the same space as people. Feel guilty that I wanted to get out of the house.

We really haven’t done much – have done take out twice, went to garden shops twice, grocery store visits we are trying to stretch to twice a month. We have gone on walks and to state parks (both of which are “socially acceptable”). We did have a mini quarantine birthday party at that start of this – now the cars would have been highly questioned, but at that point it was new.

People are calling the cops for any mis-behavior they see/perceive. “20 kids in the parking lot of so&so..” … “My neighbors are having a gathering..”

With the thought of conspiracies – would the government want us to be separate? They are certainly starting it…. Encouraging it…. How many people did not see family for Easter? Now Mother’s Day. I can’t believe how many birthdays I’ve seen come and go (I know a lot of Spring babies apparently!)

I’m so glad, as I’ve said before, that I had some sober time under my belt before staying at home… That bottle would have been calling my name so hard all day every day I wouldn’t have been able to make it through a week day without drinking, I know that… Luckily now that bottle is just occasionally whispering to me, a whisper I have been/can ignore. But now to add all of these anxiety ridden things to think about and do…. It’s a hard time.

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