“My Friends”

I don’t feel very inspirational… especially because I’m new at this and still struggling… so I will continue to share the friends I’m finding on the internet that inspire me to keep going every day.

Unpickled – my original inspiration 🙂 I read through her first two years and then sought out others sources as she <awesomely> was doing so well! I needed someone close to my thoughts.

Unpickled: First Entry

Unpickled: Most recent Entry

I spoke with someone the other day who is now in that place herself, trying to imagine life without wine.

“Really?” she asked. “Do you actually stop thinking about it at some point? Does it ever feel normal to not have it?”

Alcohol takes up zero brain space for me now.

She shows me that the end can be successful and beautiful and GOOD!

And the video I have shared before:

I watch this weekly…. I just understand every piece…

The chemistry so changed by alcohol- it’s created a cycle, a demand.

She didn’t know- as we said- heavy drinking alone can lead you into a cycle of the full disease…. “Heavy drinking over time hijacks certain processes in the brain…. you are no longer drinking for the enjoyment of it, you are drinking just to feel okay…”

Although I have looked for local AA groups in the past, never finding one that fit into my chaotic schedule… I can find solace in so many people willing to share their stories online.

Keep sharing and talking and looking for other’s stories to help you!

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