Reasons why I drank…

“If he wasn’t going to change and I wasn’t going to leave .. then at least we could have peace, right? … Survival skill… just to get through the day, just to get through some of the situation that happen… “

I’m certain that I’m codependent… I’m trying to find out what that means for me and the other party? (my husband)

I know that I have shut off most of my feelings. I know that I am constantly trying to keep the peace. I know that I can no longer articulate my feelings because I’m trying to navigate how to make the other person not mad.

Is that worth it? I guess so because I’ve been doing it for years… but I will say I’m not sure if I know myself…. I will say I do not feel like anyone is in my corner…

I need to get into this further… I know this would steam from my childhood… I don’t understand how to stop this…

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