One year ago today I was extremely hungover

I could probably say that for many days recently…

Last year today we were camping with my husband’s family. We had pulled up Friday midday… I had a drink while we were setting up. My friend joined me for a mid-afternoon chat. She lives about 90 min away and we were camping near her house. We sat by the pool catching up and had a drink or two.

I don’t remember what we ate for dinner, but I remember swimming with our nieces and nephew at dusk and being pretty buzzed. I do know that my norm is to not eat much or anything when I am buzzed… Which doesn’t help not going overboard… I barely remember changing after getting out of the pool or sitting by the fire for hours. I cannot believe I did not throw up.

I woke up barely able to stand up.

My husband fed me snacks and I laid in bed all morning. It was nice to be inside because it was a humid 90 degrees. But Adam wanted to go out and hang out with the family and it was my brother-in-law’s birthday. He left and I got dressed. I laid out by myself at the man-made-lake trying to feel better – I was so sick and had the spins… I was mad at myself for getting that far.. not remembering how the night ended… What did I say or do in-front of everyone? This was the first time his family would have seen me black-out.

When I got back… still not feeling good.. Adam told me I missed his parents stopping by, missed cake and singing…. Now feeling worse… I just missed everything because I was a hungover idiot…………

I don’t really remember the rest of the weekend… I know once I was with everyone again they commented on how drunk I was and I felt dumb… They talked about how long it was since they were that drunk… telling stories of their own… but yikes and yuck.

They also brought up how drunk I got at a wedding 6 years earlier… I would say 6 years earlier I did not have a drinking problem, but I was severally dehydrated and didn’t eat… Or maybe that is when it all started…

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