This week

I got about 6 hours of sleep last night. Went I woke up I had some of what I always expected was hangover – weird taste in my mouth (lol this is funny to type… yes we all wake up with bad breathe, but this is different.. almost a mix between a taste and numbness.. idk) … super foggy… super tired…

I can continue to confirm that overall I am sleeping better (sans for a dog stealing the bed).. once in a while I will wake up with a sore back or hips, but my hips have been better now that the drinking has stopped.

My husband “thanked” me for not drinking this weekend… while he was intoxicated… I was thankful and not amused all at the same time.

My husband’s family came up throughout the day on Friday to visit our new-to-us permanent trailer campsite. One of the sister’s brought her pontoon and we went out for the afternoon. It was interesting because everyone “started” the day with a drink. It was probably after noon and I didn’t care, but noted.

When we were on the boat I didn’t actually notice any drinking. We had a blast! Boating around, swimming, and tubing. We were out for about 4 hours and it was some certain fun in the sun!

When we got back it was kind of a cluster as it was pouring, we didn’t want everyone in the trailer necessarily and we were trying to figure out dinner. Some people ended up at the bar/restaurant, so perhaps another drink was had, but one sister seemed super drunk then by about 6… we didn’t eat a bunch during the day…. I saw one drink consumed, but let’s say she had another on the boat and one at the bar? Three drinks over 6 hours and pretty drunk??She always gets the drunk look in her eyes- more than I’ve ever seen with anyone else… so it was obvious. From a secret drinker it raised an eye brow…

Anyways fast forward we eat and hang out for a while. The boat-owner-husband wanted to get a move on before it got dark. My husband, the sister/wife and him went over to load the pontoon. At one point I glanced over to see the boat out of the water, but looking NOT on the trailer right – causing spectators giving advice and watch them.

They did it! After a few tries and that’s when my husband came back and (not super) drunkenly saying he appreciated that I didn’t drink and do stupid stuff as the boat loading didn’t go well with a drunk sister trying to be in charge. I came back with, “you should try it some time.”

Then everyone finally left I changed into dry clothes and happily climbed into bed with my dogs and my husband walked over to the bar… Not returning until after 2 AM wasted… Good times… He was super hungover Saturday AM – July 4th.

We still ended up having a really good weekend…. While I was sober and had nothing to apologize for or regret!

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