“That escalated… quickly…?”

I should probably see a counselor to talk through how my addiction escalated.

I still find it fascinating that I made it through 4 years of HS and 4 years of college touching alcohol only a few times… Isn’t that when you have issues, interest?… and then grow out of it!?

I know as it started I was struggling with my parents divorce which happened when I was around 22. At 23 I was offered new hours within my job working 10 hour days M-Th. What a DREAM! Right!? Nah, for me it made me super depressed. I never had anything to do on those Friday days – in hindsight – could I have planned an activity? Found a second job? Volunteered somewhere? In super hindsight- helped my dad clean out his house (now years later that we are trying to do it). And then my relationship isn’t perfect and we felt poor and that took a toll — little did we know we would still feel poor YEARS later… hahaha… haha?

This is why I see the young twenty year old’s at my second job, now, as babies – I didn’t know what the heck I was supposed to be doing then…. Feel a LITTLE smarter now…

I wish someone would have told me about counseling… My husband and I could (would still) stand to use help from that. Even though I work for a very locally involved company I wish I would have looked into volunteering harder. I could have made such a purpose of those Fridays….

Now I’m a poor, alcoholic trying to pick up those pieces… different decisions 5-7 years ago really could have sent me up so differently and better now.

Weeeelllllll on to something to think about – I discovered a new YouTube channel and I thought it was interesting how Jen went from a “legal addict” to an “illegal addict” …. sort of like alcohol – “well it’s legal! it’s fiiine!”…. “No, not for me….”

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