24 Days

Since New Years Eve, Sunday January 24th was the first time I had talked to my husband. What is this life?

If you had read previously we did not have a good New Years Eve.

I heard him start to snow blow on Sunday… the rule growing up was GET OUT THERE AND DO IT! I hate doing it alone, so I joined him. It was only a logistics conversation really, but it broke some ice. He then ran to the grocery store and asked if I needed anything in particular and I gave him a gift card we got for Christmas. That was it. I spent the rest of the day separated and we ate the same dinner but apart.

Monday he came home from work early and shouted up the stairs, where my office is, “I think I have a kidney stone, I’m in a lot of pain.” I read through some symptoms with him, gave him some aleve and worked for several more hours.

I made dinner and we watched a moved together while doing that.

We spelt apart.

I’m not sure I should or am ready to “forgive”.

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