2021 Goals

I can’t seem to write in the journal… It’s small and the binding is not spirled so I feel like I’ll destroy it within a month.

Here we goooo!

What goals do you want to achieve this year? Try to limit yourself to 5.

I wish to end this year Sober from Feb 1- Dec 31st. Exceeding my 2020 stint of 7 months to 10 months. And in hopes of setting up my sobriety for my future.

Focus on debt- after taxes/bonus I’ll see what money I can move around – my goal was to pay off 90% of 4 credit cards, but with normal money that won’t necessarily be possible it would be based on money movement. I can however still strive towards not accumulating any more debt.

Reduce accumulations – get rid of most of what I took home from moving mom. What can I sell at the booth/facebook market place? What is meaningful to shop for in the future?

Have a road map with my boss to moving into the next step role and moving into a salaried role.

Tell me your why about those goals.

The top 3 goals will reduce worry and clutter and waste in my life- I want be out of debt and living a comfortable life – for just general life happiness. I can do this by reducing the stress of debt, and not adding to debt by selling items and I need and not over buying.

Sobriety is obviously important as it’s the reason I started this blog and I saw the benefits from Dec 2019-> July 2020. I know I was less stressed and happier not drinking during that time. I need to do it for myself and then hopefully that will bleed into my marriage.

I always want to have goals for work. I feel this year for work went AWESOME! I’m thrilled with what I have accomplished and the great feedback I have been receiving. It’s natural to want to grow and take steps in my job, but also I’m chasing the raise as well.

Tell me about 1 year from now, how does life look like with those goals made?

LESS STRESS! More financial security.

What are the feelings these goals will bring you?

Less stress and financial security will make more far more happy. I could stop job #2? #3? I would have more free time, more fun time, less worry time.

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