What is your mental load?

Take inventory of your mental load…. and then what can you do to aleviate it?

I have used Dawn and her Minimalism to assist a bit recently. Seemingly silly stuff like…. How many bowls do you need? How many spatulas do you need? How many Christmas Totes do you have and why?

I went through and recycled tupperware that did not have a lid and lidded all my tupperwares – quickly find what you want to use!

I also did this for my mixing and large storage bowls. We had a few that didn’t have lids or I didn’t really like… or any other reason I continually found myself avoiding those to use others. I could have saved for the rummage sale, but instead anything that was not in use/wasn’t functional I recycled.

Whew! Opening those two spaces is so much better!

More things to think about – sheets (about 6:50)…. Why do we like the clutter…. Why do we let ourselves then drown in the task rather than do it quickly?

They often talk about setting a timer- set yourself a timer today… sometime this week and do 30 min of something you have been avoiding… What is worth your mental space and what is not? What can you do about it?

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