Renegotiation: Treating The Psychological of Drinking

Note: I do not like that she laughs at uncomfortable moments, but good info here.

What makes us happy/feel pleasure in our lives?

You need to give yourself permission to experience pleasure outside of drinking.

Get out of the go, go, go. Produce, produce, produce! mentality.

Choke out the unhelpful stuff!

Ideas: exercise, going for a walk, drawing, art, music, reading, writing, dance, martial arts .. what makes you de-stress? What makes you happy?

Something that hits your dopamine systems without alcohol.

She says people feel like they are “up here all day” and want to take themselves a notch down. How do you not feel like you need to take yourself a notch down and using alcohol to do so.

Restriction only happens when you watch something. Write down why you do not want to engage in this behavior anymore:

What are your stressors:




Not saying no? Set boundaries and take care of yourself first.

Take an alternative route instead of drinking.

What is the cost and benefits of your drinking? Write it down and then re-negotiate.

Most would say, I do not get any benefits, it’s ruining my life…!

15 min of pleasure? Stop feeling…?

You don’t have to embody the architype ‘alcoholic’

This could make you powerless to resist it. Change it to a choice… a choice you won’t make.

Additionally this can make you at war with yourself. “I am a human that is going through a troubling experience and I need to learn from this”

What else can you identify with? “I want to be a health nut”, embody a better architype.

Do you need trauma recovery? The trauma does not cause you to use, it’s a reason…. (she just explained many people do not drink if they have had a rough life)

Time to heal your faulty perceptions.

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