Can you tell I’m hanging on for dear life?

Just keep writing, just keep writing. Keep learning and listening and considering recovery!

Care vs Escape

Are you caring for you body and soul or are you escaping?

Drinking is escaping…. How can I care for myself?

I am now listening to this video. Maybe this is why I’ve been taking nonstop (middle of the night) showers – “Soaking in a hot bath or standing in a hot shower has been proven to tone your vagus nerve, It’s a fast, free, and relaxing way to clam your stress levels and settle your nervous system.

You know when you are stressed and you want – food, cigarette, caffeine, shopping, ALCOHOL…. She goes on to say, “Okay, we need to do something to come DOWN from that.” She goes on to suggest walking – settles mind. “Stress isn’t bad, it helps us grow…. It’s meant to be visited, we are not meant to live there… and if we are then we find ourselves trying to ESCAPE”

She says she walks with “no input” and just let’s herself process. “When we look at our culture now we have so much input now, our brain doesn’t have time to process and form memories… if you find yourself frazzled and forgetting things you are not getting the processing time.” – you can get addicted to this quiet walk, and this can be great!


Form a firm bedtime.

Invest in skincare. (or ways to take care of yourself)

Guard what comes into your mind. Example- fiction reading – time to have your brain to relax.

Minimalism within inventory of goods in your life and house – clean out your room and closet so everything you own is of value.

How much social interaction do you need to feel good?

Laugh more!

How can you help others?

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