Chemical and environmental aspects of addiction

What makes some people an addict and some not?

Physical- everyone’s brain has slight variations (DNA) – differences in dopamine production, differences in processing, differences receptors.

A brain that is more susceptible to emotions or interference.

Environment- how were you raised? what is your experiences up to this point?

Abuse, neglect, trauma… your circumstances will shift how your brain works. When we come from a stressful situation, we may have a higher need to pursue comfort to make sense of life.

Alcoholism and other addictions tend to get worse….. Sometimes they shift.

What’s important, less than a diagnosis, is understanding how this substance is affecting your everyday life, job, etc.

He says right around 1:02:00 – what are you doing with your “pink cloud of energy” that you get? He says exercise works well for him.

He says, what I was left with (when I put down the drink) this “weird anger” then Mayim says that is just turning the focus on other people and engaging that way. People who grew up with alcoholism seem to be more rageful.

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