Journaling & Goals: Week 6: Week of February 15th

Goals this week-

Charge tablet (for the first time in such a long time) and find band workouts. Complete 2 work outs by the end of the week.

I just bought this set from Amazon:

Go through 2 closets and 4 drawers in closet room. Thoughts:

  • Anything not used in a year needs to go.
  • Anything that needs mending that hasn’t gotten accomplished needs to go.
  • I have tons of college papers that I have looked at/needed in years.
  • I have clothes that I have no idea why I’m hanging on to – I think I could completely empty out all 4 drawers.

I would also like to re-look through all the papers in the office. Luckily it’s not too much because I try to do this every few months, but we tend to collect unneeded mail with our need paperwork/documents.

I need to reduce the inventory I am managing to clear my mind.

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