Not Drinking is the Easy Part …. Having to Feel Your Feelings is Hard the Hard Part

I’m always game for a good piece of inspiration and this is just what I needed today!

This inspired me to clean up my Instagram…. I first simply went to search for @noboozebabes … and then I thought why am I following hundreds of people//things? I only keep Instagram for a couple people as that is their only social media. Ideally I would love to delete all of my social media accounts, but that is just how we all keep in contact with much now. Social Media is often how I discover new news pieces, that I can then leave social media and do more research on the side. Anyways – unfollowed everyone but the 10 or less folks that is the only way I see into their lives on the daily and then changed it all over to a handful of sobriety pages.

Now when I log into Instagram it will inspire me everyday.

These gals highlighted that very few like the taste of alcohol, why do we choke it down? To choke down our feelings…

Time to feel again… Which is scary because my life is not in a great place…

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