Lessening the inventory

I was able to complete some of my goal from last week – 2 FULL 13 gallon garbage bags went out with another half way full. I went through the 4 drawers and my hanging clothes upstairs. What haven’t I touched in a year (really everything that went was years). What has holes that I still have? What do I hate that I’ve kept for some reason?

I watched a minimalist say, why keep what you keep passing over? You’re making it overwhelming where-as you could have half the inventory and everything you see fits well and you love it! Why do you have so many PJs? Why… why… why…?

I even pulled out a few, “Does this spark joy?”

I did not save anything for the rummage sale or donation, which I could have…. But I have gone through these/my clothes before – probably even before the June rummage sale last year… I just needed to for my own mind and soul to purge this random stuff that I had been keeping for some reason.

I have one bin of “I loved this in high school and still have it” and a bin of “I’m not sure if I’ll wear slacks anytime soon, but I’ll keep one of each color”.

I had a pretty fair amount of stuff that was pretty out of style – some that I still like, most that I avoid now. Shirts that I thought I loved, but I avoid because they need tons of care- I’m more of a take it out of the dryer and go! Shirts and items that never fit right, but I kept, because hey I bought them!

I felt better about getting rid of stuff because most of what I have now is hand-me-downs or from the thrift store – much cheaper than buying new and hating it.

The pandemic taught me I need far less clothing… and between living it and hearing it – it was like, yes I have passed this shirt up for probably 730 days… why do I still want to look at it?

My next goal as I was working was to actually get everything into the closet and drawers. We’ll see if I can do that this weekend.

AA secondary next step is to clean out stuff I said I would sell. I am apart of a local “buy, sell trade” page and a local “FREE stuff only” page- I’ll take some time on Saturday to post some pics on those.

Having the room put back together will feel nice. I’m wondering what types of “pretties” I should by to continue to feel inspired… but in the same vain not wasting money…..

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