Remember this moment

I wish I could bottle moments to remember – happy, sad, inspired, angry, disappointed, hungover…. Wouldn’t it be so useful to bring up those emotions prior to making a bad choice, prior to saying whoa is me..?

Last night was the second time I really have hung out with my husband since the year started… Second dinner we have shared. We went for a walk in our town to see some ice sculptures that were created over the weekend and had dinner out. He insisted we have a drink before we left and then have a drink with dinner… bad influence… But we actually had a pretty good time.

I want to remember all the bad of this year so far… all of the good this year so far…. and some of the bad yucky nights I have had.

Remember the once I started I could not stop. Remember the hangovers. Remember the shame-overs. Remember that I went from serene bliss to more anxiety and depression than ever.

Remember the yucky racing heart. Remember the swirling head in the morning. Remember my bashed in face…

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