Selfcare Step 1 for 2021

I’m still focusing on clean home selfcare. I have made great progress in my “closet” area. I have removed broken stuff that got shoved the the back of the closet… a shameful amount of recycling (college stuff I haven’t touched in years and that pile of shoe boxes that I have kept) … took out four cram-jammed garbage bags full of clothes and junk. And what-da-ya know I still have plenty of clothes and belonging and feel lighter!

I also went through our linen closet and did away with bedding that was old/did have a match. We have two dressed beds and now one extra queen size set. I will take the twin sizes to the trailer and we are done! This promotes – not having a pile of laundry, rather doing it so I can re-dress the bed.

Hopefully I can get my “closet” area in order fully/finalized this weekend. Next step, jewelry- get everything in one spot… Anything to part with?

Also I’m finding we have a lot of junk towels… How many towels do 2 people need… Also why do I want a junky one? Goal: Toss the frayed ones… That hurts me for some reason… That’s going up with hoarders for ya! I wouldn’t want my guest to use them… Why am I using them?

Here’s another quick clean video I’m using as inspiration:

  1. Have ignore the mess days – doesn’t have to be Pintrest perfect clean, but focus on the CLUTTER/excess
  2. Have ignore organization days and just grab just the obvious “need to go’s”- garbage, broken, “doesn’t belong in this room”, etc.
  3. Progress over perfection – short time that is focused and productive
  4. Bag or box (garbage, donate, etc.) items before leaving that area
  5. Know when to have others help vs making an executive decision
  6. Set timers
  7. We realistic about your inventory – her example: how many bedsheets do you really need? her vote 1 extra/bed in your home
  8. Don’t use any more or is it in the wrong place?
  9. One space overwhelming? Spend just a min or two grabbing out a few items…. This will make you feel better, but not take up a bunch of time

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