Morning readers –

The first link is the whole interview so I’d suggest to open that link and watch the whole thing. It’s great!

“I’m a closet drinker… I don’t like to drink with people…”

“I want to be the best things for him…. and I was the farthest thing from that…. ”

“The worst thing I can do is be alone in a room with myself…”

“I let go of my tools, what I use to stay clean everyday… I have to hold myself accountable for every single thing I do…”

“At one point the substance is not the problem…. The issue is always you…”

“You got to get honest with one person… just one person….make a plan and feel strong and supported…”

“I don’t know what is real or not anymore…”

“I’m a fixer, but before I know it I’ve drained myself and left nothing for me… And then we end up being a mess… You really ain’t helping nobody…. Girl you better go back there and get you together…”

“Nothing can keep me from PEACE but ME..”

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