June 9th Inspiration

  1. Admit to yourself that you have a issue. Q: Would my life be better without alcohol?
  2. Get support – meetings, friends, book(s), prayer
  3. Take it slow – don’t think about a month or a year… Think about the minutes and hours and days
  4. Remove temptations. Q: Do you have impulse control?
  5. Clean up your social media feeds. Find inspiration!
  6. Fill this void with something else – drink-wise and activity-wise.
  7. Become comfortable with being uncomfortable – this addiction is covering all your uncomfortable feeings… be ready to feel them. Remind yourself – this is where you grow and learn.
  8. Get curious about you! Learn how to embrace yourself and where you want to grow!
  9. Support will always show up! Have faith and look for it!

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