Thinking about Journaling

For anyone that is looking for some guidance this year here are the first tasks within the Journal:

What goals do you want to achieve this year? Try to limit yourself to 5.

Tell me your why about those goals.

Tell me about 1 year from now, how does life look like with those goals made?

What are the feelings these goals will bring you?

List your top 5 values.

Are these values serving you? Should you be focused on other values?

How do your goals connect to your values? Is there any mis-alignment?

Write down your limiting beliefs. (ex. I’m too old to run a marathon.)

Now write an empowering response to this limiting belief and release the limiting belief.

What had gotten in the way of achieving your goals up to this point- patterns, thoughts…

What are your strengths?

How will reaching these goals positively impact the world?

What kind of support might you need?

What is the cost of not achieving these goals?

I will be working on this pre-work today and seeing if working on Week 1 & 2 make sense or if I will start at Week 3.

We got this year folks!

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