Goals + Values 2021

List your top 5 values.



Determination/Problem Solving



Striving to




Inner Harmony


Are these values serving you? Should you be focused on other values?

I found out the definition of compassion the other day: sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others. This made my jaw drop – because I am EXTREMELY compassionate to a FAULT. I think this roles into my anxiety and co-dependency. I would like to have compassion for myself and my household and then others. I need to (partially) stop worrying about everyone else and their lives and problems and clean myself up!!!!!!!!!!

The rest of my values seem to focus on work. I do love learning be it at work or home, but in general I need to find a balance. I get so much joy out of work. I need to also get joy within the rest of my life – i.e. the rest of the values I chose to strive to!

How do your goals connect to your values? Is there any mis-alignment?

I guess now what I just said in the last section I can see that these: Determination/Problem Solving, Reputation/Respect, Success – also feed into Sobriety.

I do believe my values align with my goals and my hope for this year.

Write down your limiting beliefs. (ex. I’m too old to run a marathon.)

I know it will be hard to start again, but I was happy last year sober. I can do this again.

I really hope to know out big chunks of debt, but again that is contingent on being able to pull out some money. I can focus on not adding.

I actually between creating the goals and now received an amazing review from my boss. He said he needed to pick one name to raise up to his bosses boss and I was that, so I can make strides at work this year!

Now write an empowering response to this limiting belief and release the limiting belief.

I can do this! I am confident I can do these things.

Take time to remind yourself of your goals and how happy they will make you!

Use your resources and inspirations to carry on!

What had gotten in the way of achieving your goals up to this point- patterns, thoughts…

Stress? Laziness? I know what I need to do – esp. in regards to sobriety… but sometimes it’s hard to fight “the bratty voice”.

Debt adds to debt, adds to debt…. I need to make sure BOTH my husbands and my checks are being used wisely. I need to make sure to not add to this pile.

What are your strengths?

My boss, in my annual review, listed: collaboration, courage, commitment, communication, relationship development, creativity, learning agility, work ethic, attitude…

All things that I am good with at work…. all things I need to drag into my home. I need to determine if my husband is gaslighting me, or if I’m truly just a terrible work….. or perhaps I am not into this relationship…?

How will reaching these goals positively impact the world?

My world will be way less stressful! That is all that matters right now. Once I have myself in order… maybe I can make a larger impact on the world.

What kind of support might you need?

Ha. Ha.

Problem # 897234543… I never ask for help…. I’ll have to figure this out along the way.

Would be a good start to also hold my husband accountable.

What is the cost of not achieving these goals?

Misery.. Forever and ever……………

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